Herb & Lime Chicken

Herb & Lime Chicken - www.stephstrays.com

One of the best things about visiting Mum and Dad in Auckland is getting to cook in their kitchen – a.k.a. Mum’s territory. This is something she never let me do before I moved to Brisbane, so I suspect it might be a ploy to convince me to move back home. Mum’s kitchen is filled with great things, like knives that can actually cut, an abundance of countertop space and all the white platters your heart could ever desire.

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Back to the Fuschia

Back to the fuschia - www.stephstrays.com

A little while ago, I wrote about how I used to be the biggest tomboy as a kid. My wardrobe featured very little pink, save for a few white t-shirts that found themselves in the wrong laundry basket. Somewhere along the line, I spun a complete 180 and started filling my wardrobe with shades ranging from salmon to mauve to Stabilo Boss highlighter – like the skirt I wore in this post.

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Sunday Seven: Blogging lessons from the Man Repeller

7 blogging lessons from the Man Repeller - www.stephstrays.com

One of the highlights of the James St RESORT event this weekend was RESORT Trailblazers – a discussion panel style forum featuring Leandra Medine of Man Repeller, Nicky Zimmermann of Zimmermann and Susannah George, founder of the Urban List. Given that I’m a newbie in the blogging “game”, so to speak, I haven’t yet jumped on the blogging tips bandwagon like so many of the experienced bloggers out there, but since I learnt so much from listening to Leandra present yesterday, I thought I would share these blogging lessons with you.

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Cooking with Sammy & Bella: Sardinian Seadas

Cooking with Sammy & Bella: Sardinian Seadas - www.stephstrays.com

When Barilla invited us to join Sammy and Bella Jakubiak, winners of the 2011 My Kitchen Rules, in making traditional Sardinian seadas last weekend, I was intrigued. With a little Googling, I soon discovered that seadas are, in laymans terms, deep fried pasta stuffed with cheese. This deep fried cheesy goodness is then drizzled with honey to create a delicious breakfast any #movenourishbelieve fanatic would cast a disapproving glare at. We all know that this look of disapproval is just jealousy in disguise.

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Sunday Seven: Tips for organising your wardrobe

Seven tips for organising your wardrobe - www.stephstrays.com

We’re almost two months deep into spring cleaning season, though organising your wardrobe can be an absolute nightmare when you don’t have endless wardrobe space at your disposal. You would be shocked if you saw the state of my wardrobe at the moment, as I haven’t had time to do a spring clean yet. Luckily, here are some simple tips I’ve come across for wardrobe organisation (warning: photos may cause serious closet envy).

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Coconut Protein Pancakes with Berries and Ricotta

Coconut Protein Pancakes with Berries and Ricotta - www.stephstrays.com

Or, more fittingly, a post about the time I made scrambled coconut protein pancakes. Delicious scrambled pancakes, glued back together with the most underrated cheese – ricotta. I’m a huge pancake fan, but I’m currently attempting the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Challenge, and normal pancakes and all their maple syrupy goodness don’t exactly feature on the meal plan. So, I got creative…

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Sunday Seven: Motivational quotes for the week ahead

7 motivational quotes for the week ahead - www.stephstrays.com

Sunday means the end of the weekend, and the start of a fresh new week. I don’t know why we wait for New Year’s to make resolutions, when we have a fresh start every week. Actually, every day is a fresh start – it’s all just a matter of perspective. With the end of the year looming, it can be hard to find the motivation to keep resolutions made back in January. So for this week’s Sunday Seven, here are some motivational quotes that will hopefully inspire you to make the most of this week.

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Shirting with danger

Shirting with danger - www.stephstrays.com

For those of you with boyfriends/husbands/pool boys in your life, you probably don’t need to read me raving on about the joys of a large “boyfriend” shirt. I don’t have a boyfriend, but I do have a lot of shirts – white ones, denim ones, winter ones, summer ones. Some people collect cats, I collect shirts. And shoes, and bags and wine… Although it probably doesn’t count as a collection if I drink it faster than I collect it.

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