Explainer Videos – A Comprehensive Guide to Online Marketing

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Simply put, Explainer Videos are a dynamic, captivating way to tell your website visitors what your site/service is about, in a concise, informative, and fun way.

But before we move into our discussion about the specifics of why explainer videos are practically essential for websites, let’s first take a look at the broader idea of online marketing and the psychology of the e-commerce consumer.

Here are some extremely important evaluative questions that EVERY business should ask:

-What factors contribute to ideas/products/services that spread rapidly and attain massive success and popularity?

-Why do some ideas, even really good ones, fail to gain any sort of attention?

-Do you know if you’re taking the proper steps to ensure the longevity of your brand and avoid becoming name-less?

Successful marketing starts with a valuable idea, but that alone does not guarantee success. Even once you’ve nailed down your idea, developed your proposal, built your new platform, or created a more efficient method to perform some operation you still have to promote that idea so that others can discover it, learn more about it, realize its potential, and contribute to its ultimate success.

Easier said than done, right!? Well of course.

There are several points to consider when developing a marketing approach and putting those steps into action.

1. Branding

Who are you? Who do potential customers think you are?

It’s baffling how even a simple name can be a make or break point for an idea’s success. If naming your brand is such a crucial part of marketing your service, how should you go about coming up with an awesome brand name and should you consider changing your brand name?

There are several things to consider when developing a brand name. Here are some ways to help brainstorm an awesome one.

What makes your brand special or different?

-What makes your brand memorable/easily spreadable?

-How do you want to portray your company and the services you offer to the people visiting your webpage?

-The power of humor and creativity.

-The power of association.

-The power of salience or when a brand is easily called to mind.

-Making your brand synonymous with the product/service you offer.

2. Your Customer and Their Needs

Successful marketing is customer-centric. You want to love and embrace your customers. You want to be focused on explaining or portraying yourself in a way that concentrates on how you help them. The quality of what you offer is conveyed through the purpose your service fulfills. Explaining concepts in terms of the benefits they provide tremendously helps with connecting to your audience.

Throughout your website and in the ways that you leverage content, don’t push people away by focusing too much on you.

3. What Sells? What Spreads?

You have to frame your brand and your service in a way that will attract people and spread easily. This comes down to the very initial first impression that your page visitors have of you, how you receive webpage visitors once they land on your page, how you portray and explain your service, and whether or not you deliver on those expectations.

Any service that is offered, both online and in the real world, whether it’s retail, customer service, dining, or entertainment comes down to an experience. How do people feel when they first land on your site? How do they feel when they leave? If you aren’t taking steps to ensure that your customers are enjoying their interaction with you, then you likely will not be very successful moving forward.

4. Your Purpose

Why do you do what you do?

Do you work because you love it? What is your purpose and reason behind choosing to invest your time and energy to offer people whatever it is that you offer? Sincere, positive answers to both of the questions resonate deeply with consumers. They will view you on equal footing rather than as distant and unapproachable. Humans are looking to connect with others in meaningful, mutually beneficial ways. If your customers don’t get a sense of your personality, individuality, and humanism, then they won’t develop a connection to your brand and they’d rather seek it out somewhere they will.

As simple as it may sound, the sum of all these concepts comes down to being yourself, thinking like an individual, and empathizing with others. Take the time to consider how you would feel if you were a consumer landing on your site and having to go through the process of learning what this company has to offer, deciding whether or not it’s worthwhile and ultimately investing time or making a purchase.

Where Does Video Come In?

Now before we close, let’s talk briefly about the usefulness of explainer videos. Video content accomplishes ALL of the objectives that we’ve laid out for successfully marketing to people online, and it’s also important to embody those same concepts in homepage videos.

Videos are attention grabbing, engaging, memorable, great explanatory tools, and most importantly they make your page visitors feel comfortable, welcomed, and encourage them to interact with your website.

So maybe at this point you’re convinced. You’re thinking, these guys are totally right, and I’m going to get a video made for my website. Maybe you’re not convinced, and you still feel like investing in a video is beyond your budget. We want to tell you that it is definitely not.

We’d like to mention several companies that we’ve considered in the past for some of our projects: DemoDuck, IdeaRocket, SwitchVideo, and Firestarter videos are all explainer video creators who uphold a great quality of work. The only problem is that they are all pretty expensive.

Any of these companies has the ability to learn about your service and create an outstanding video, but you’re looking at investing upwards of $5,000-10,000.

If you’re like most business owners, you’re trying to spend your money as wisely as you can while still getting a great return. So if that’s you and you’re looking for an explainer video that connects with your viewers, improves your website and business, AND accomplishes this at a reasonable cost then I highly suggest you contact these guys at Seowhiz Videos. There are some other companies that offer videos for a similar price point, but we have been disappointed by more than one. You want the quality of high-end explainer video companies without over paying by thousands? Well, they’ve been our go-to for every project since we first worked with them.

Thanks for reading! In our follow-up segment we’ll continue our discussion with a more in-depth analysis of website and content marketing, and then we’ll move into a detailed discussion about why explainer videos work.

Until Next Time! Its Stephstrays on Explainer Video Tips. Over and Out!