Women Are Furious Because They Say Their LulaRoe Leggings Rip Like “Wet Toilet Paper”

The fashion brand LuLaRoe is authoritatively being compelled to confront the several client reports that their rich delicate, signature leggings are recently not cutting it. After news surfaced a month ago of the leggings’ inclination to tear hours into a solitary wear — and the way that the organization supposedly wasn’t discounting unsatisfied clients, gaining them a reverberating “F” with the BBB — LuLaRoe should answer these cases in court.


The company is a multilevel marketing company, which means its inventory is bought by “consultants” that then sell the clothing directly to the consumer.

LulaRoe sells shirts, dresses, and other clothes, but its signature products are the “buttery-soft” leggings, which retail for $25 plus tax. They come in two sizes, OS (One Size) and TC (Tall & Curvy).

However, many women online are now complaining that their trendy new leggings are ripping after they wore them just once or twice, with often embarrassing results.

“Dropped my daughter off to school and felt a little draft but didn’t notice until I got home,” Paula Brown, who took the photo on the left, told BuzzFeed News. “Holes in knees, seams, and the behind.”

Now, two women have filed a class-action lawsuit in California saying the brand’s leggings are of poor quality.

Plaintiffs Suzanne Jones and Julie Dean allege in the lawsuit, filed March 23, that the company is knowingly selling poor quality leggings to their consultants and customers. They are suing the company and its married founders, DeAnne Brady and Mark Stidham.

“Specifically, customers have complained that the leggings are of such poor quality that holes, tears, and rips appear before wearing, during the first use or shortly thereafter.” the lawsuit states. “The leggings have also been described as tearing as easily as ‘wet toilet paper.’”

The lawsuit also claims that the company knows about the issues, but has chosen to ignore them to keep up with high demand.

It cites a “reported” companywide email from Patrick Winget, the head of production for the company, which allegedly said: “The leggings may get holes, because we weaken the fibers to make them buttery soft. We have done all we can to fix them.”

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, LulaRoe said the claims in the lawsuit are “completely without merit.”

Many women have taken to social media to complain about their LulaRoe leggings ripping. And these women say it’s not just one defective pair. Multiple women have claimed that they have had several pairs rip.








However, other women have stepped up to defend the product. Media coverage of the lawsuit has been inundated with comments from fans singing the brand’s praises.



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