Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Review – Scam Or Legit?

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Welcome to my Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Review!

Lately there has been a lot of attention and buzz about this latest business opportunity to launch so I decided to find out more about it.

Some believe it’s an amazing legit program. Others think it’s just a scam. While a majority have no clue what to think about it. 🙂


…You are likely doing your research to find out if this program is legitimate or a scam. And/or whether it will be worth investing your time and money into.

The good news is that I am going to give you an unbiased review for this company so that you can make an informed decision.

Okay without further ado, let’s cut the fluff and lets get into the good stuff.

The Company:

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle is the brain child of John Chow who is a very successful online marketer and famous blogger.

He has made alot of money online and I really don’t have anything bad to say about him.

He is awesome.

Now this is the gist of the matter:

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle isn’t a brand new program, it’s just a new look, new face with a different angle to something that has already been around in internet marketing block for  some years now.

If your guess was right, this is MOBE or “My Online Business Empire” which is now called “My Online Business Education”.

MOBE has been around since 2011 and was created by Matt Lloyd.


In simple words, John Chow is promoting products from this company called MOBE. So instead of promoting the program as MOBE itself, he gave it a new identity using Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle. Other than the name/branding everything else is exactly the same.

You will eventually be led to the MOBE website once you purchase the program. Whenever someone joins through him and purchases any of the available products found within MOBE, he makes a commission.

The Products:

Below are the products found in MOBE and so in Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle:

Some of the 90% commission products:

  • Affiliate Bonus Domination – $291
  • Inner circle membership – $97/month
  • MOBE Elite Earners – $97/month
  • Done for you Emails – $97/month
  • Funded Proposal – $194
  • OPT formula – $194
  • My Email Marketing Empire – $194
  • IM Revolution Handbook – $9.95

The 50% commission products:

  • Diamond Mastermind – $30,000
  • Platinum Mastermind – $16,667
  • Titanium Mastermind – $9,997
  • Diamond Coaching Program -$4,997
  • 10,000 leads in 100 days – $1,997
  • The 90 days challenge – $997
  • Six Figure Coaching Secrets – $997
  • Add the Nitrous -$997

This is only a handful of the products you can find in MOBE. There are way more than these on the inside.

As you can already tell, these are “top tier” products. It other words highly priced products. You need to be “positioned” by upgrading into each of those product levels to earn a commission from them.


It can easily add up to over $60,000 not including your monthly membership and MOBE licensing rights.

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Review – The Verdict


This is a great program. You can make alot of money from it. It is legit and the products are sound.

However this is a typical MLM company. And a “Top Tier” company where you can receive BIG commissions, BUT you first need to pay BIG to be “positioned” to get those BIG commissions.

Secondly, you need to drive traffic to your pages and affiliate links to recruit people in this business. This you can do via free or paid traffic sources.

You can join it and you can succeed in it no doubt.

However if you were like me, and want to join something that includes NO RECRUITING or DRIVING TRAFFIC, I have something for you.

Please check it HERE! It has products that people want. Products with mass appeal.

Additionally you can do this with no experience. There is also step by step training where we hold your hand and show you you exactly what you need do.

Anyway If you really have alot of money in your hand, and you are okay with recruiting and driving traffic you can check out Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle. But if want something that has no recruiting, no driving traffic etc. please check it below below.

>> MY No 1 Recommendation!

Happy earning,

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